Andrographis Root

This flu that has been going around town is a bugger. People seem to be getting it more than once, and/or getting hit so hard that they have to take many days off. I caught it for a few days myself. And I rarely get sick because I keep an herbal formula on hand that will ward off most colds the moment they start to come on. So I knew this one was serious.

I had one untouched bottle of what my acupuncturist friend Christina Casado called the “Zombie Apocalypse Formula.” This is a simple Chinese classical formula that features a star herb, andrographis root. I hadn’t taken it because that sounded like something one should save for a crisis situation. When I was knocked down a few weeks ago with a terrible sore throat, I decided it was time to open the bottle and try it out.

I have been totally impressed with the way I went from feeling like a truck ran over me to feeling 99% better within just a few hours thanks to this lovely andrographis root. It tastes genuinely awful (a common name for this plant is King of Bitters and yes, it is) but it works fast and it works well.

I have new respect for the plant kingdom and recommend that you stop by my clinic and pick up a bottle of this stuff if you are still in the grips of that awful bug and live locally. If you don’t live in Miami, Gaia has a formula called Quick Defense that has andrographis in it, and you can likely find it online easily. I don’t think it’s as strong as the Chinese formula I have in my clinic, but it will certainly help.