On Energy Healing

Lately I have been voraciously reading and studying intuitive healing. When I started acupuncture school, I also started a program to develop my intuition. And for a while, these two skills were largely separate in my life.

Over time, though, I have seen that intuition is a valuable skill to help patients be healthier and happier. Healing directed from within the intuitive space can be as powerful and just as physically and emotionally impactful as acupuncture. This type of healing has many names, but for today I’ll call it energy healing.

What I have started to notice, in my reading and studies, is that most forms of energy healing have these common themes:

1) Intuition is the basic foundation for energy healing. It is the language you need to develop in order to be able to access the human energetic anatomy.

2) Intuition comes in many forms. I am pretty comfortable with visual intuition (clairvoyance). This is intuition that comes in the form of pictures. But lately I have noticed less obvious information (the other “clairs”): songs or phrases that pop into my mind, physical sensations that I know are not mine, ideas or thoughts that appear, even the thought of smells or tastes. All of these things can be useful when connecting with a patient and deciding what they need.

3) Belief systems are at the core of everything! The more I think about my patients and myself, and about the power that beliefs hold over our lives, our development, our perceptions and the way we create our reality, the more I realize that change on any level is a matter of reprogramming core beliefs.

4) Healing is a gift of life, and is something like light and love. Many healers in many traditions say that their primary goal is to create a space and an opportunity for healing, but that the healing is an energy that comes from outside of them. Healing, then, can be very easy if one allows it, for both the patient and the practitioner.

5) Healing may have its greatest impact on the patient, but it very well may reach out to benefit the people around the patient. Healing can rewrite group belief systems and reorganize relationships. Consider family relationships that have been held in place by ongoing resentment for something that happened in the past. When the patient is able to release that anger (and maybe also to feel physically more soft and gentle), the family members engaged in that anger dynamic are freed to show other aspects of themselves. This can expand outward and even rewrite old stories.

6) We have more power than we may realize to create the lives we want to live, and to feel the way we want to feel. But sometimes you have to ask. Most systems of energy medicine emphasize the universal principle of free will. This means that each being has the right to choose how to be. Further, we each have the right to choose to live or be another way, in an instant, by calling upon our own free will. The act of asking for help in itself is a powerful force to mobilize the help we need.

In the end, I am finding that although Chinese medicine seems to be endlessly complex, healing can be very simple.