Energy Medicine

The Healing Witness

In my last blog post, I wrote about some basic principles of energy medicine. Continuing on the topic, I’d like to mention another key universal principle of healing: the importance of a witness. This applies to both acupuncture and energy medicine.

When I say witness, what I mean is that your healing process is empowered by the presence of another person or being.

In the acupuncture world, this explains something I noticed a while ago: I can give myself treatments, and they do help in some way. But there is something missing. The needles just don’t have the same power. My own energy seems to loop back on itself and no shift can actually take place. It’s like having a conversation with myself. Not very satisfying!

I always assumed this was because in self-treatment, I’m not getting the caring attention of a practitioner. The loving care of another is healing in itself. And in a way, I was correct. What I was missing was the witness.

The Witness Makes it Real

In energy medicine, it’s said that a shift in matter or vibration does not occur unless there is a witness to observe it. It’s like that old question about the tree in the forest. In this case, if nobody hears the tree fall, it hasn’t fallen.

Think of this in more mundane terms. If one person sees a flash of light, they may not be sure that they actually saw it. But if two people see a flash of light and they can agree that they saw it, it moves out of the realm of an idea or possibility and becomes real and concrete. It happened.

One of the teachers and writers I’ve been studying, Cyndi Dale, puts it this way: “You need at least two votes” to make a change in the energy field. That means you, plus someone or something else.

She teaches that this is true in both healing and in manifesting intentions. Both activities use the power of subtle energy to make change in physical reality. The more witnesses you have, the greater the power of the healing or energy shift. That’s why groups can be powerful activators of change.

Usually, this witness is the practitioner who delivers the treatment, and this is one reason we tend to seek help from someone else when we want to make a change in our mind, body, or life. This other person empowers our intent and helps to make it real. We can take action, we see change, we are heard and helped.

I think that’s probably why we like to talk to friends when we are feeling bad. It often doesn’t even matter what the other person says, and actually it doesn’t even matter if we know the person. Have you ever felt relieved to tell your story to a complete stranger? In all cases, we are trying to move stuck energy with a listener as a witness, a form of self-healing.

The principle of the witness can also be created in a space of self-healing if you call upon the Creator or Holy Spirit, or a spirit guide or helper.

How a Witness Helps Create Reality

In energy medicine, the witness is crucial because changes are happening in non-physical reality. We need this agreement of intent and observation to empower the change so that it can affect physical reality.

In acupuncture, physical medicine is being administered by the insertion of a needle. It’s not as subtle as an image or an idea. However, the presence and intention of a practitioner certainly does make a difference, as I have seen in my own self-treatment. It’s as if the practitioner shifts the energy of a treatment from a self-referential circle to a triangle that moves energy and potentiates change.

Consider how this concept can also work to empower fear. What if you are afraid of being sick, and a witness tells you that you are sick, gives your sickness a name, and then tells you that their system of medicine holds the only real cure?

Through my acupuncture practice, I can vouch for the fact that illness and health can be seen in many ways, through many different lenses. I will let you imagine the kinds of settings where you might find a fear-based dynamic at play. Consider how you might shift your reality by choosing a witness who empowers healing instead of sickness.

You can also play with this concept for manifestation work, when you state a desired outcome to bring it into being. I have been doing intention exercises with a friend, and we have both noticed that it works very quickly and powerfully when we do it together. When separate, we see that the shift is much more muted. Together, we are serving as each others’ witnesses.

Prayer is a form of manifesting with the help of an unseen witness, the higher power that you pray to. Some people also call upon their guides in this case.

Are you looking for change in your life? Don’t just take my word for it, play with this idea and see if you can notice the difference for yourself.