Andrographis Root

This flu that has been going around town is a bugger. People seem to be getting it more than once, and/or getting hit so hard that they have to take many days off. I caught it for a few days myself. And I rarely get sick because I keep an herbal formula on hand that… Read More Andrographis Root


Trigger Points

My practice can be very esoteric. Five Element training taught me, in theory, that most illness can be traced back to the spirit. I had an extensive debate about body versus spirit with some senior practitioners of the tradition, most of whom studied directly under J.R. Worsley. I was arguing that body and spirit influence… Read More Trigger Points


Distance Treatments

One thing I have found through the practice of acupuncture is that there are so many things about healing that don’t fit into our generally agreed-upon reality. At the request of a friend, I recently decided to try giving a distance treatment. Over the years I have worked to develop my intuition, although I had… Read More Distance Treatments

Five Element Acupuncture

Working the Withins

When I was in school learning Five Element acupuncture, there was occasional talk about this mysterious thing called the “Withins.” Each person has one element that is his or her Constitutional Factor (CF), which is the basis for Five Element treatments. And then there is a secondary one called the Within. Some people describe the… Read More Working the Withins

Clinic Tools

On Moxa

I was trained to use direct moxibustion extensively in acupuncture treatments. I have been using small cones directly on individual points for the past three years. Beyond its warming properties, moxa smoke has a comforting smell that most patients really enjoy. Moxa has been particularly important in treatments that address a patient’s spirit. Unfortunately, I have recently come… Read More On Moxa